About Marketti

Marketti is THE integrated retail solution for markets, traders and shoppers, endorsed by the National Association of British Market Authorities. Markets and their traders can list on our platform for free, effectively providing each user with their own app and business toolkit including m:commerce, mobile payments & digital marketing solutions. The platform is the result of years of research into market industry pain points and our services are here to help traders and markets save time, make money and be discovered online. Available online and on iOS or Google Play

What we stand for:

Turning spaces into places & building communities
2/5 of Brits would shop more in town if there was a thriving market. Our app aggregates British and Irish markets under one umbrella making the town more attractive to tourists, increasing dwell time and spend while improving the quality of the retail experience on our high streets. Here at Marketti we want local communities to fall back in love with the independents next door and our app digitally connects shoppers to local independent traders giving them information on stall products, opening times, trader contact details etc, which encourages customers to explore local businesses.
Digitalisation of the industry
We help to digitalise traders, supporting their competitiveness in a modern retail environment. Customers require flexible payment options and by continuing to prefer cash, traders lose sales and their business can become unsustainable. We provide chip and pin devices to help cash to card conversion and in app purchases so customers can browse trader’s products online and check out securely. Our M-commerce platform gives traders a 24/7 online presence so they can reap the benefits outside of trading hours.
Supporting independents
26% of SME’s time is spent doing non-core business activities. Marketti combines simple to use business tools to help business owners operate more efficiently. It's free to list online and we offer highly competitive rates on card and contactless hardware, with next day payments, no hidden fees and no contract tie-ins.